Stop the tug…another reason to go PMU!

On the subject of eyeliner…if you haven’t had eyeliner tattooed on, then you are most likely drawing them in with an eyeliner pencil or shadow colour with a brush if you feel you need more definition with your eyes.

Now…think about when you apply the liner with make up.  You probably tug on your eyes or pull it taut as you apply the colour from the pencil or shadow.  Imagine doing this everyday (maybe even several times a day depending on how it lasts due to what you’ve been doing) for so many years.  We know that wrinkles present itself as a result from several factors.  Sun exposure being the biggest culprit.  There is also facial expressions that will also create wrinkles.  And why does this create wrinkles?  Because there is a constant daily action that causes the muscles or skin to react to that action…thus creating a looseness of the skin (from the tugging) or from muscle contraction of the expression.

Permanent Make Up will eliminate the daily tugging of eyeliner being drawn on.  It will help diminish the creation of loose eye fold skin because you are not constantly pulling on the skin each day to draw on your liner.

Yet another reason to get permanent make up done…


Instant youth…

Want to add instant youth to your face?  Try creating fuller brows.  I’m not talking about caterpillars over your eyes.  I’m saying…just add maybe a millimeter of overall thickness to your existing thin brows.  Little steps with conventional make up.  If you have a full face, you will be surprised at how it will take inches of your face.  It will provide a beautiful frame to anyone’s features.  Look at Oprah’s brows, Rachel Weisz’s, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian’s…you’ll see how their make up artists prefer to draw in their brows.

Super thin brows will date you.  Be bold and add youth to your face!  If you don’t have hairs on your brows, permanent make up can help you achieve the look by adding hairstrokes and colour.

Taking the plunge…

So you’ve been thinking about having permanent make up done for many years now.  First it started as a brief thought…then gradually, the thought grows and grows until now you are practically browsing different websites everyday, trying to get up the nerve to actually take the plunge.

What’s holding you back?  Well, most likely it’s fear.  Fear of shabby work, fear of too dark brows with poor shape and fear of spending too much money.  You want the best work but perhaps can’t afford it.  You also fear the thought of pain.  And how can you not if you have the image of a needle right up close to your eyes?  You’ve been scared off by seeing poor work done on other people and you’ve probably heard horror stories of torture like procedures where numbing cream wasn’t used.  But what you don’t realize is that you’ve more than likely passed by someone who had a wonderful job done…and never noticed because it’s just that natural!  That girl in the gym who is sweating up a storm and loving it because her brows are staying put!  The girl at the beach who doesn’t hesitate to jump in the water because she knows she’ll get out still looking great.  The woman who doesn’t mind when it rains and even doesn’t have an umbrella to shield herself.  Oh the freedom of all this!  And how you long for a life like this also…

I hear it all the time from my clients.  I ask them how long they have thought about getting permanent make up done before finally making the decision.  And often the answer is “oh, many years!”.  It’s very understandable as it is your face you are dealing with…a face you’ll have to look at each time you stand in front of a mirror and a face you present to the rest of the world.

So what made my clients make the leap?  Being tired and frustrated of constantly drawing in brows and eyeliner.  Upset of always worrying about smudged make up.  Essentially…another type of fear.  One that limits your activities, your fashion picks (can’t wear a particular hat, have to be very careful of putting on turtlenecks, etc), and your daily behaviours.  This type of fear can also affect your self-esteem and confidence, not to mention time.

I’m not advising to just go to anyone to get permanent eyebrows or eyeliner.  Please please do your research.  But what I advise is to really look carefully at their portfolio and how willing they are to please their client by listening to them and getting to know what their client really wants.  There are many practitioners out there who feel they know it all and will have a superiority attitude when it comes to their expertise.  Yes, their advise is valuable and often they will know how a brow or liner will look best on you.  But ultimately, you are the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror each day, so your input is highly valuable as well.  If you are truly not happy with shape or colour…you must say so.  Then perhaps a compromise on the look can be achieved (if practitioner truly insists on a different shape) or the new shape can be drawn on with conventional make up for you to “try on” for a day.  You can walk out and see if the new shape will grow on you (or show your friends and get their opinions) before you fully commit.  This can be done during the consultation.  If you like it, then you can come back for the procedure.

Whatever you do, please don’t feel rushed or pressured to have permanent make up done unless you are truly happy with what the practitioner has drawn for you.

I had a client who made an impulse decision one day (even though she had thought about getting her brows done for years also).  She was on vacation in Florida and thought…”ok, I’ll get this done now”…and chose at random at place that professed to have over 20 years of experience.  Sounds good right?  Well, this practitioner tattooed on uneven brows with an unflattering shape and a color that ended up being charcoal blue (and she has dark red hair with a warm skin tone).  The practitioner advised on this color, insisting that it would go great with her eye color.  And even though this client had a skeptical opinion about this, she went ahead because she thought with over 20 years experience, this tattooist must know what she is talking about.

Moral of this is that experience doesn’t necessarily mean good work.  Don’t make impulsive decisions on the fly (especially while on vacation, because you want to be able to go back for a follow-up appointment if you are unhappy with the healed results) and always listen to your gut instinct.

I’m very cognizant of the fears and worries of my new clients.  I make every effort I can to listen to their wishes and their expectations.  My approach is to draw in the brows first…and to take my time doing it.  Always making adjustments and taking pictures to see how it looks like on the camera.  Only when the client is COMPLETELY happy do I go ahead with the tattoo.  I don’t believe in “I’m the expert, so this is how it needs to be done”.  If I really don’t like the shape the client wishes for and she is unwilling to compromise…then I will not do her tattoo.  After all, it is my work and reputation that is presented in the end.  But I will not force my client to do something she is unwilling or is skeptical to have done.

I’m always erring on the side of conservatism as I feel it is better to add on than to erase.  I love drawing on my spare time and consequently love to draw brows.

Permanent make up will immensely improve your way of life if it is done properly.  Take your time looking for a good artist (and I say artist because anyone can do this, but an artist will do it right!) who is aware of eye anatomy, has an understanding of colour, and who is willing and patient to listen.  I promise you won’t regret having it done when you finally choose to make the commitment.

I wish you luck with your search 🙂

Life without the hassle…

Alarm rings at 5am in the morning.  I’m happily snuggled in bed and dread getting out of the covers of the blanket to start the day.  Even though I’m excited about starting my new workout regimen, I know I have so many things to do to prepare for heading out the door.

The most dreaded?  Drawing in my brows and my eyeliner.  I feel I don’t look presentable without the brows or liner.

But what’s the point if they smudge off when I work out?  My sweat will leave a running stream of color down my face or have my eyes look like I had a good crying.

I want to get fit and improve my way of life.  Why does the fear of sparse eyebrows and eyelashes prevent me from being completely happy with myself?

Does this resonate with anyone?

From Natural Impressions:

It’s an easy fix.  Permanent make up these days are not the same of days gone by.  It’s more natural and the pigments have improved tremendously.  No more blue, green, grey  eyebrows.  Although it will fade over time…you have to think of the convenience that permanent make up will do for you as you go about your daily routines from day to day.

One client was afraid to wear hats because she feared smudging off her brows.  One client feared getting a massage because of putting her face on the massage table.  One client feared of working out at a unisex gym because she felt she looked “freakish” without brows.

Always customized…always patiently listening to your end goals…always wanting the best for your overall look.

Life is complicated and busy as it is.  If you can fix one thing to make life easier, why wouldn’t you?  Come visit Natural Impressions for a free consultation.

Have a great day!


Natural Impressions

Brows To Avoid…

Being in this field and being as passionate about brows as I am, I am constantly looking at each person’s brows as I encounter them.  The right brow shape for someone’s face will not stand out and shout at you…it will be so suited that you will find that the features of the face are in balance and that the overall appearance is in harmony.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to correctly shape their own brows.  We see pictures of celebrities and how beautiful their make up is…and in an attempt to emulate these looks, some people fail at achieving that particular look because not everyone has the same brow (hair growth direction or shape) to copy certain looks.

Oriental brows are more sparse and have hair growth that grows downwards towards the tail end of the brow.  This makes it more difficult to create a high arch look that is more characteristic of other races.

Some Caucasions have really straight bushy brows that do not have an arch.  In an attempt to create an arch, many tweeze their brows the wrong way…often too thin and often too close to the bulb of the brow (thus, creating a “comma” or “clown” look).

Sadly, there was a time in the 80’s when a very thin brow was the popular beauty look.  And what did millions of woman do?  We plucked the living bejeezus out of our brows.  The consequence?  Now the hairs fail to grow back and we are left with sparse or patchy eyebrows.  Some women still maintain that they like the look of very thin brows…feeling that the thinness will make them look more youthful.  Perhaps they are still stuck on the good old days of their youth when life was good and they wish to hold on to everything that made those days the way they were (dressing style, hairstyle, makeup style?) and do not wish to move out of their comfort zone.  Whatever the reason, they need to be introduced to a more natural, suitable and modern look that will do wonders to add youth their image.

With all this being said, pictures speak louder than words.  So here are some examples of brows to avoid.


Comma brows. I got this image from google images, so I think it’s been doctored. But I’m still showing it to illustrate how some women tweeze straight bushy brows into this shape in order to give it more thinness and more of an arch. Of course, it’s quite an exaggeration, but I’ve come across women who do this to a lesser degree.


A more subdued example of the above comma brow. This is more likely a type of brow that you have come across before (if you are not doing it to yourself already)


Another (drastic) example of a “comma” brow. What are the no-no’s of this? WAY too many. The shape, the color, and the fact that they are too far apart. She is a lovely girl and the right brows can do wonders to improve her look.


Even celebrities fall prey to brows that are too thin. I feel a thicker brow will be more youthful on them.


A great example of how thicker brows adds youth to a woman’s face. The before picture is too contrived and un-natural. The second look is softer and more youthful.

Celebrities Out and About in Manhattan

Lovely woman. But her brows are too thin for her features.

All these images were collected from google images and I wish I can give credit to the pictures.

Moral of this post?  Trust an expert to give you advice and direction to how your brows will best suit your features.  Brows should be more or less the same width from the bulb (closest to the nose) to the arch…and then narrow off and tamper towards the end.

I do free consultations…contact me or any beauty expert for more advice on how to give you the best look you can have.

Have a great day!


Natural Impressions