Stop the tug…another reason to go PMU!

On the subject of eyeliner…if you haven’t had eyeliner tattooed on, then you are most likely drawing them in with an eyeliner pencil or shadow colour with a brush if you feel you need more definition with your eyes.

Now…think about when you apply the liner with make up.  You probably tug on your eyes or pull it taut as you apply the colour from the pencil or shadow.  Imagine doing this everyday (maybe even several times a day depending on how it lasts due to what you’ve been doing) for so many years.  We know that wrinkles present itself as a result from several factors.  Sun exposure being the biggest culprit.  There is also facial expressions that will also create wrinkles.  And why does this create wrinkles?  Because there is a constant daily action that causes the muscles or skin to react to that action…thus creating a looseness of the skin (from the tugging) or from muscle contraction of the expression.

Permanent Make Up will eliminate the daily tugging of eyeliner being drawn on.  It will help diminish the creation of loose eye fold skin because you are not constantly pulling on the skin each day to draw on your liner.

Yet another reason to get permanent make up done…


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