Life without the hassle…

Alarm rings at 5am in the morning.  I’m happily snuggled in bed and dread getting out of the covers of the blanket to start the day.  Even though I’m excited about starting my new workout regimen, I know I have so many things to do to prepare for heading out the door.

The most dreaded?  Drawing in my brows and my eyeliner.  I feel I don’t look presentable without the brows or liner.

But what’s the point if they smudge off when I work out?  My sweat will leave a running stream of color down my face or have my eyes look like I had a good crying.

I want to get fit and improve my way of life.  Why does the fear of sparse eyebrows and eyelashes prevent me from being completely happy with myself?

Does this resonate with anyone?

From Natural Impressions:

It’s an easy fix.  Permanent make up these days are not the same of days gone by.  It’s more natural and the pigments have improved tremendously.  No more blue, green, grey  eyebrows.  Although it will fade over time…you have to think of the convenience that permanent make up will do for you as you go about your daily routines from day to day.

One client was afraid to wear hats because she feared smudging off her brows.  One client feared getting a massage because of putting her face on the massage table.  One client feared of working out at a unisex gym because she felt she looked “freakish” without brows.

Always customized…always patiently listening to your end goals…always wanting the best for your overall look.

Life is complicated and busy as it is.  If you can fix one thing to make life easier, why wouldn’t you?  Come visit Natural Impressions for a free consultation.

Have a great day!


Natural Impressions


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