Brows To Avoid…

Being in this field and being as passionate about brows as I am, I am constantly looking at each person’s brows as I encounter them.  The right brow shape for someone’s face will not stand out and shout at you…it will be so suited that you will find that the features of the face are in balance and that the overall appearance is in harmony.

Unfortunately, many people do not know how to correctly shape their own brows.  We see pictures of celebrities and how beautiful their make up is…and in an attempt to emulate these looks, some people fail at achieving that particular look because not everyone has the same brow (hair growth direction or shape) to copy certain looks.

Oriental brows are more sparse and have hair growth that grows downwards towards the tail end of the brow.  This makes it more difficult to create a high arch look that is more characteristic of other races.

Some Caucasions have really straight bushy brows that do not have an arch.  In an attempt to create an arch, many tweeze their brows the wrong way…often too thin and often too close to the bulb of the brow (thus, creating a “comma” or “clown” look).

Sadly, there was a time in the 80’s when a very thin brow was the popular beauty look.  And what did millions of woman do?  We plucked the living bejeezus out of our brows.  The consequence?  Now the hairs fail to grow back and we are left with sparse or patchy eyebrows.  Some women still maintain that they like the look of very thin brows…feeling that the thinness will make them look more youthful.  Perhaps they are still stuck on the good old days of their youth when life was good and they wish to hold on to everything that made those days the way they were (dressing style, hairstyle, makeup style?) and do not wish to move out of their comfort zone.  Whatever the reason, they need to be introduced to a more natural, suitable and modern look that will do wonders to add youth their image.

With all this being said, pictures speak louder than words.  So here are some examples of brows to avoid.


Comma brows. I got this image from google images, so I think it’s been doctored. But I’m still showing it to illustrate how some women tweeze straight bushy brows into this shape in order to give it more thinness and more of an arch. Of course, it’s quite an exaggeration, but I’ve come across women who do this to a lesser degree.


A more subdued example of the above comma brow. This is more likely a type of brow that you have come across before (if you are not doing it to yourself already)


Another (drastic) example of a “comma” brow. What are the no-no’s of this? WAY too many. The shape, the color, and the fact that they are too far apart. She is a lovely girl and the right brows can do wonders to improve her look.


Even celebrities fall prey to brows that are too thin. I feel a thicker brow will be more youthful on them.


A great example of how thicker brows adds youth to a woman’s face. The before picture is too contrived and un-natural. The second look is softer and more youthful.

Celebrities Out and About in Manhattan

Lovely woman. But her brows are too thin for her features.

All these images were collected from google images and I wish I can give credit to the pictures.

Moral of this post?  Trust an expert to give you advice and direction to how your brows will best suit your features.  Brows should be more or less the same width from the bulb (closest to the nose) to the arch…and then narrow off and tamper towards the end.

I do free consultations…contact me or any beauty expert for more advice on how to give you the best look you can have.

Have a great day!


Natural Impressions


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